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  Managing Bulky Waste - Old/Spoiled Mattresses

At certain times during the week you would have probably heard and seen trucks that comes by the neighborhood and collects bulk waste that includes sofas, big racks and mattresses.

Unwanted mattresses is one of the bulky wastes (including other furniture and large appliances) that are common and often seen in the streets, roadsides and even in rivers when the public does not know where to dispose of them. This causes environmental issues especially in waste management as roughly 80% to 90% of mattress parts (by weight) can be recycled or repurposed to create new products. To properly recycle an old or used mattress, first locate the nearest recycling centers at your area that accepts them.

If you want to know more about old mattress management, please click on the link below at Tuck with a good mattress disposal guide.

Mattress Disposal Guide at www.tuck.com