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ISLAND Ranger is a combination programme between RIVER Ranger and SMART Ranger for the island community to emphasize in natural resource management, waste management and river & sea shore monitoring. One of the undergo project under ISLAND Ranger is The Pulau Pangkor Solid Waste Management Project with community participation. It is a three-year project (2015-2017) implemented by GEC with Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) Perak with the cooperation of the University of Queensland and VALE Malaysia Minerals Sdn Bhd.

Long-term benefits of the project to the community

There are 3 major problems on the Island:

Waste, waste water management and sediment / silt domestic seafood producers and recreation that will affect the environment:

  • damage to health if the water is polluted, drink or used for bathing
  • encourage the growth of bacteria, germs and disease causing river water smells
  • attract rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes and flies
  • lead poisoning and pressure on habitats and aquatic life

Destruction of catchment areas, forests and unsustainable development

  • bare soil areas and cause soil erosion

Boat management

  • oil spilled from the boat to the river / sea prevents the enter of air into the water, causing plants and aquatic animals cannot breathe and will die

Thus, through the programme we can:

Create an eco-friendly island environment

  • This project has the ability to educate communities on the island to guard the environment. Through continuation of follow-up activities, it will establish a platform for long-term sustainability involving future generations.
Tourism enhancement
  • Higher chance of increasing number of tourists through environmental and cleanliness enhancement.
Life improvement
  • Local communities, particularly fishermen can generate extra income through the “Waste into Wealth” concept. Changes in lifestyle for a more eco-friendly environment raises the quality of life and also a healthier mindset.

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