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  Brief Outline of Modules Content

 Module 1: 
Solid Waste Problems and Issues  

This module concentrates on the facts and figures and the environmental issues we are facing today due to improper solid waste management. What are the main sources of pollution and what are the effects of pollution?

Module 2: 
Solid Waste Management       

What is the proper way to handle solid waste? This module teaches students on the correct way of managing our resources through the Integrated Solid Waste Management concept, which involves acquiring the knowledge about the kinds of waste we produce and learning how to manage them properly through the 4R2C concept which is Rethink, Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, Compost and Close the loop.  

Module 3: 
The Art of Recycling 

Students learn about the art of recycling through demonstrations and activities – how to sort out recyclables, or make use of them in nature craft, and the recycling process from collecting to selling.

Following the training modules, students will be given an assignment to complete, which might involve simple exercises or creating some nature craft. The working committee for the SMART Ranger Club will also be formed during this time. 

Module 4: 
Hands-On Training

Here, the students get to put what they have learned into practice. Students are given the task of sorting recyclables and managing them correctly.

Students will be encouraged to participate and demonstrate their understanding on the concept of recycling and the way it should be done. An action plan for the implementation of the programme throughout the school should be formulated by the SMART Ranger group before the end of this session.