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  Solid waste impacts on energy consumption


Energy is invisible however it is being use in every single range of activities. This is the less visible part which most people unable to notice the impact of solid waste has on the environment - energy consumed.

More energy is consumed when an item is made from raw/virgin material rather than recycled material. For
example, to produce papers requires a process of extraction of trees and manufacturing it into paper. This process has caused the use of high energy in terms of harvesting trees, transportation of raw materials and electricity use in industry. When papers are no longer in use, it will be considered as waste which eventually will end up in landfill or incinerator.

On top of that, the series of producing a product from raw material till the end use of the product has cause emission of GHG through process of manufacturing products and fossil fuel burning during transportation.The scenario would be much worse if there is such high demand for products made from raw material to replace the discard ones because more raw materials will be extracted more energy will be used and more waste will be produced.