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  What is Solid Waste?

Solid waste can be defined as:

the useless and unwanted products in the solid state derived from the activities of and discarded by society. It is produced either by - product of production processes or arise form the domestic or commercial sector when objects or materials are discarded after use.  

In an average person; solid waste is usually being said as the following terms;

a) Garbage: the term given principally to food waste, but may include other degradable organic wastes.

b) Rubbish: consists of combustible and non-combustible solid waste, excluding food wastes.

c) Refuse: the collective term for solid wastes, includes both garbage and rubbish.

d) Litter: odds and ends, bits of paper, discarded wrappings, bottles etc. Left lying around in public places.


Types of Waste

Waste is generated continuously in every single way from our daily activities. Each activity will generate different types of waste which will requires its own separate or specialize treatment.

The types of waste that is commonly generates in Malaysia are as follows;

a) Municipal Solid Waste:

  1. Domestic Waste; 
  2. Commercial Waste; 
  3. Community Waste; 
  4. Construction Waste; 
  5. Institutional Waste

b) Hazardous Waste

c) Industrial Waste