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  Issues & Problems

Litter at the roadside, drains clogged up with rubbish and rivers filled with filthy garbage definitely indicate that solid waste is a major environmental problem in Malaysia. Rapid development, population increase and changes in consumption pattern directly (and indirectly) has resulted in the generation of enormous amounts of waste, ranging from biodegradable to synthetic waste.

As of the year 2008, 23,000 tonnes of waste is produced each day in Malaysia, with less than 5% of the waste being recycled. In Selangor alone, waste generated in 1997 was over 3000t/day and the amount of waste is expected to rise up to 5700t/day in the year 2017 (Yachio Engineering, 2000 cited in Muhd Noor Muhd Yunus, 2000). An alarming 19% of waste ends up in our drains, which then causes flash floods and drainage blockage. This situation has reduced our environmental capacity to sustain life and will continue to do so until the waste management system is improved.

Despite the massive amount and complexity of waste produced, the standards of waste management in Malaysia are still poor.
Furthermore, the lack of awareness and knowledge among Malaysian community about solid waste management (SWM) issues, and being ignorant about the effect that improper SWM has to us has definitely worsened the problem.










Following are the main surrounding issues and problems of solid waste in Malaysia:

a) Amount and component of solid waste generated

b) Limited community initiative and participation

c) Disposal site

d) Outdated and poor documentation