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  Establishment Process

The SMART Ranger Programme

Establishing a SMART Ranger Programme involves a 4-step process: 

Step 1: Selection Process

Each school will select 2-4 teachers and 20 students to participate in the programme. In a community or organisation this can involve parents/leaders and children.

Step 2: Support Group

Once the core members have been decided, they must set up the SMART Ranger club under their school's Nature or Science Club. This group will then have to set up a small working committee. Support from the school management and PIBG is important to ensure that the programme gets full cooperation from everyone.

Step 3: Training

The selected students and teachers will be trained by GEC or SMART Ranger Teachers based on training modules prepared by GEC.

Upon completing the modules, they will be given a certificate of recognition and they will be fully certified SMART Rangers. They will be responsible to train their fellow students in resource management and how to reduce waste production and waste management. They will take the lead in initiating a recycling and composting programme in their school.

Step 4: Action

The SMART Rangers have to pre-fix a date for collection by Alam Flora or any other vendor/contractor and start sorting and collecting recyclables from the school or from their own homes, with the support of other students, teachers and school communities. The items should be stored in a recycling centre or store room under the management of the SMART Rangers.

From here, the SMART Rangers have to discuss on an action plan for the year - how are they going to use the money? What activities should be carried out? And how can they involve the whole community? They also have to prepare a regular summary report for GEC on their collection quantities and activities, which will also be highlighted on their own SMART Ranger blog prepared by GEC. GEC endeavours to keep monitoring the school's progress, and encourages all SMART Rangers to also think BIG, and participate in global events such as Clean Up The World which is a global initiative to get everyone to participate or organize a clean-up of their local environment.