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  Garbage Enzyme

Fermented Waste Juice – Garbage enzyme

Another method of turning organic waste into something valuable is by converting organic waste into fermented waste juice, also known as garbage enzyme. Garbage enzyme was developed by Dr Rosukon, who hails from Thailand. Garbage enzyme is a multipurpose solution for households, the environment and agriculture. For agriculture, garbage enzyme is used as organic fertilizer and organic pesticide. For households, garbage enzyme is used as a cleaning liquid to remove oil and grease in the kitchen and remove dirt and odour in the toilet. It is also used as an organic pesticide and cleanses the air.

Point to be noted and taken!

  • Preferably use a container that can be expanded
  • Only use fruit and vegetable waste. Avoid oily cooked food, fish and meat waste.
  • If the colour of garbage enzyme is black, add in the same amount of sugar and start the fermentation process again.
  • Fully utilize the garbage enzyme residue by reusing it for the next production by adding fresh garbage, use as fertilizer by drying the residue, blend it and bury it, grind the residue, pour into toilet bowl, or add some brown sugar and flush to help purify the sewage.
  • The longer the enzyme ferments; the better it is and the best part is, it never expires!
  • Never store the garbage enzyme in a fridge.